March 4, 2011


Yup.. I slacked. I slacked for the entire afternoon yesterday and did not do any work or studies. But it felt good and it was a good relief from all the stress that was building up. I really needed that break. And now I feel a lot better =)

So how has life been up til now? FYP is still behind schedule at the moment, but I feel this small gleam of hope. Like no matter how bad it is, all will be well. So from now on I'll keep telling myself: "Do your best. Do not fret. All will be well." =)

Apart from all this, I've also decided to really step down from all the Graphics works in Music Society. I believe my team members can handle things on their own, and I'll have to appoint a leader soon enough to lead them. I have a few names in mind, but there several reasons why I just can't appoint them to assist me full-time. But then again, I have no choice and I'm running out of time. This is something I should've done a long time ago.. (Okay, I'm not making sense anymore lol)

It's 1.19 pm and I'm eating breakfast now. That's rather late. But then again I slept pretty late last night. I'll slack a little more and get started on work soon.


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