February 15, 2011

Practice Practice Practice

That's what we need to improve our familiarity with any subject, tool, or program, or even when socialising. Even though I was down till last night, I got back up after chatting with a friend. Felt a lot better and started doing some Year 2 Maths. Why? I'll need it so that I can understand what is going on in one of my modules this semester. Haha.

The weather today is reasonable. Rained a bit earlier and was refreshing.. Had a good lunch with a good old friend and met up with some friends today. Hehe.

Life's been changing a bit since I started to change my ways. Of course, several bad things did happen too and not proud of it. =/ But anyhow.. I will not not do my best again.

Let's hope that FYP will be lenient on me~


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