February 10, 2011


I feel awkward. It's like, I am focused and naturally will get distracted by Facebook and MSN from time to time (and I can control this). But maybe the pressure and stress are very high this time around that I feel so lifeless and demotivated every day..

So I thank God for every little funny and enjoyable thing that happens which also helps me not think about what I'm going through but enjoy life a little at the same time. =)

Class today was interesting. But applying it in studies, group activities and eventually in my workplace is something that isn't so easy.. =/ But it has caught my interest.. So I believe I can pull through well with this module =)

My focus is still here, though it fluctuates every now and then.. Still finding a way to balance life, FYP and studies right now.. Such a surmounting task.. But I believe I can do it!! =D

To all people in Years 3 and above, all the best!! =D


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