December 24, 2010

Is there a point in blogging?

You know, one thing I notice is as you live, you will like things and then not like them over a certain time period. I didn't think blogging was cool, but a few years ago I started blogging and found it interesting. It's like a diary, only everyone can see it! :D But then.. as time goes by.. you realise that.. the plain old simple handwritten diary (that you normally would only let yourself see) beats blogging.

What makes me say this? Well, it's simple really. Sure blogging is all about sharing your experiences with the world, if not about crapping. xD But, how much can you share with the world? Can you share every little bit of thought about a certain event or person or object just like that? As in, typing it all out here? No.

I believe an average internet user is aware of the threats that the internet has. Such as passwords and IDs thefts. And sure, I'm being pessimistic and all. But even if it's not for this, people can see what you type and sometimes you just don't want people to see it. RATHER, you wanna write it down somewhere, just to let it out of you.. And perhaps one day look back at it..

So, is there any point in blogging? I believe there is a point. Otherwise, it would've been designed in the first place. People have shared great experiences through blogging, and some make a living out of it. But to me, I no longer see a point in blogging.. Instead, what has been replaced is a simple typed diary that I keep with me. I call it an "e-diary". Haha.. Why don't I write out a diary instead? Simply because I have bad handwriting and I type faster than I write. lol..

And by doing so.. I have the freedom to write what I really feel like writing.. No restrictions. Of course, when you use harsh language and you look back at it in the future, you would feel bad. But that's okay. At least only you or close people know it, and not the whole world right? :)

Anyway. Enough with all this. Whether I not I put up any more posts here is another story. I will, though not actively, still look at some of my friends' blogs and check out on what they're up to. :)



PS: This is a song I wanna share. It starts of as a very quiet and simple tune, and slowly becomes happy. Towards the middle and end, it's at its climax - it's very lively and energetic! It makes you feel that all your problems are free (at least for me). :) The song, that has been my most favourite instrumental up till now, is:


December 17, 2010

When Everything Seems To Fall Apart

It's been so long since I could update my blog. I finally have the chance. Yay!

So, as of late and also for the past few weeks, I've been extremely busy with courseworks. This semester was the most hectic semester I have ever experienced, and I believe the next and last semester of my uni life will be far worse than now, but I'm ready for it. :)

A couple of updates for now. Starting with the one with least impact. I bought a new transformer last Sunday. It's TERRADIVE!! :DD OH goodness, you have no idea how long I have been waiting for him!! ^^ But, after two days, it BROKE!! WTHL right!? >.< So, I am planning to return it to the shop today before they don't let me (the receipt says I can return the product within 1 week or purchase). Hopefully they still have stock for Terradive, otherwise I'll just have to choose another transformer from the lot. haha.

Next update: Coursework submission. Lo and behold, Chemical Engineers in my uni will definitely know what I mean when I say "CEL". This module basically is about submitting a single lab report that is worth.. well, an entire module of marks. Yeah, that's crazy. However, I tried very hard to submit it on time, but I failed. And I lost my temper.. :S Honestly, I don't know why I chose to lose my temper, but the result was ugly enough.. Then after cooling down, I realised that it was a really good thing that I didn't submit the coursework because there were so many errors in it! WHOA! >.< So, I'll have the entire weekend to finalise the coursework properly, and also to relax a bit before I start studying. Haha. Good luck to everybody for studies! :)

Another update? Haha.. I finished the world-renowned games "Assassin's Creed" and "Assassin's Creed II", and I tell you they are AWESOME!! :DD The story is about assassin's fighting templars, but I will only reveal this much. Go play the game and I guarantee you it is awesome :P

Last update? Well, this is not exactly the biggest achievement per se, but I did lift up my spirits. Remember the girl I kept mentioning in my previous posts? We are beginning to talk more comfortably again. So, that has made me happy. :)

Cheers guys.