March 23, 2011

I let you go. Be free.

"I let you go. Be free."

I put that as my MSN personal message several days ago. A few days after that, I had a short MSN chat with the girl in mind. She said we can still be friends. How true that is, I do not know and I will not be bothered by it anymore.

There's more to life than just one girl, and also one situation where I did not watch my actions and words carefully. I will learn from this.

This experience, helped me see how many friends were willing to listen to my sorrow and help me get back up, even just by listening. Not only that, it also helped me see that when I was just focusing on one friend (whom I don't know whether we'll be really friends now), my real friends were always watching out for me, even though they didn't say much and only could sympathize with me, they were there to pick me up from my fall again and again. Without you all, I couldn't have come this far. Thank you for being there for me. =)

God, this is what I choose to do. I'm moving on. Perhaps this was what you wanted me to do all this time, but I was just stubborn. But I'm moving on.

If God is willing, may we have a fresh start and be friends again. But if this will be the last time we'll ever talk or meet, then let me say this:

Although it was brief, although it didn't end well, I am still glad I got to know you, M. =)

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