June 9, 2011

The Key in the Dream

Several months ago, I had a dream about me and a girl. We were friends, and still are today. In that dream however, we were arguing in her house. After arguing for a while, she grabbed her purse and headed for the front door. Before she left, she turned around and passed me the house key.

"Put it in the drawer, its usual place," she said before leaving the house.

She referred to a little retractable drawer at the side of the front door on the outside of the house. I knew where it was in that dream. However, I did not want to put the key there. I held onto it very tightly and ran home.


The significance of the dream is basically how I treated the girl and a sign of the things that would take place in the months to come. Indeed, I argued badly with the friend sometime in mid-March..

And in the dream she told me to put the key back. The key meant "being friends", and nothing more. We were friends, but I wanted us to be more than friends.. Hence, I did not put the key back. I wanted to hold on to the key and hope that my wish may come true in the future.

Now, after what I've been through in the past few months, which was the dramatic experience I mentioned in my previous post, I've come to realise that it's better off me and the girl stay as friends. =) What's good and also what I'm very grateful for is, the girl still treated me as a friend despite all that has happened. =)

I'm ready and willing to put the key back in its rightful place.. =)


Something I want to share =)


Hackster said...

Again, I'm sorry, and again I've told you why we wanted to hide it from you. I mean every words of it, so do not blame them anymore, for I'm also one of em. I know after what i've told you, you still question why they don't tell you the truth beforehand.

Again, its for your own good...it may be a harsh, but exactly because how you handle situations that we don't wanna tell you. In my term, i'll say you still are still a bit...child-like in handling these type of stuff. If the victim is me, not you, I'm sure they would have told me much earlier because they know I would understand, and would simply wish for the best of the one I like.

But the victim is you, and we fear that you might react negatively. Which in the end, you still do, albeit much better...but in between ur words I could read your thoughts. And you will be devastated to know how much we actually care about you after telling you, and the way you react and post all those stuff...

We care, delay in telling you the truth, and in the end actually told you the truth, is because we really do care about you. So don't question why anymore...I feel bad for them afterall, because I was one of them who wanted to hide it from you. If you are a nobody to us, chances are that either we will juz show it to you with action without confronting you (meaning without caring bout you), or won't tell you at all.

You are, after all, our best friend, and no matter how much we care about you, and especially you react to stuff regarding your lovelife, we still have to tell you the truth.

I hope all is best for you, my friend. For you are no the only one alone, I'm still single as well.

Don't think so much, really, it all happens because you think too much. Chill-boy. If there's a time we could chat, i would tell you my whole stories, and you will know how much the similarity between you and mine, in which mine is never as good as what i've told you or what it seems, because i don't want you all to care about me so much, because if you all did, i would have broken down much easier. Now, i remain strong, and i move on.

I hope you do too.

Your bestfriend,

Hackster said...

On a side note, don't let Hong know... he doesn't want me to interfere...but i have my own perception. Everyone is afraid of repercussion, we do too, thats why we do it.

ç£@Réñ©€ said...

Hing, you understand me too well. Haha. But I don't think I am thinking too much on this. I know what you mean by "seeing through the lines", but rest assured. I have forgiven them and I'm moving on.

I know I'm still immature and have a lot more to learn and to catch up with you, Hong and everyone else. I also understand why you guys had to hide it from me so well and for so long, because I also know I don't know how to handle these situations.

I'm happy to hear that you'd like to share more of your past with me. Let's arrange a time for that. ;)

Xjion89 said...

I can't say much~~juz support u guys^^

and watch a lot of How I met Your Mother ^^~~

ç£@Réñ©€ said...

Thanks Jay