June 1, 2011

Back at Home

Perhaps I lied to myself that I didn't miss home.. I actually love being home right now, and can't wait to spend more time with my family.. Truth is, I've been wanting to go out with friends so much that I forget the joy of just being with your family, even though your family isn't the happiest one and one that goes through so much pain.

Whatever I felt last time about my family, I take it back now.. Maybe because I'm graduating and have become older, that I feel that I should treasure my family more. Haha. ^^"

I'm about to graduate and I have a lot of mixed feelings. One big chapter of my life has just ended.. All those four years, gone by so fast. The next chapter awaits... But right now...

It's good to be home. =)


Jordan said...

You're back in Brunei :O? I noticed I never left a comment on ur blog b4 >_<''' pardon my rudeness :(

Xjion89 said...

Hv fun~~~
dun start work too early!
I hv to work oredy >< so sad~~~