June 21, 2011

Eyes opened, Heart Enlightened

I've been reading up on a lot of things lately. Bible and novels are a few things I read now. Lately I've picked up another interest - researching relationships. I read up on proper ways of courting girls, why girls don't like nice guys, and mid-life crises. Yes, my research does not just span across girlfriend and boyfriend, but also how family behaviours.

I am interested in the latter because once you raise a family, you'd want your family to be in the best environment possible. Not one with violence and constant heated arguments, where the children and wife especially will be affected. I've lived in a family where a lot of unnecessary suffering has to be experienced, and I want to learn how to avoid this. What do the common public have to say about this? What do they say can be ways to predict such outcomes and what is the solution to them?

I have yet to cover this in the Bible, but I'm sure there's a solution or two hidden somewhere. =)


With this in mind, my girl-chasing basis has changed. I now know what I want. But I will also ask myself: "What would God want of me?"

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