October 23, 2010

Something Big Is Going to Happen

What is it, you ask? XD Before you can make sense of it all, let me bring you back 2 months into the past..

It was a fine afternoon. Birds chirping in the air, cars driving by slowly as if there's not a worry in the world. And there I was, with my mom at the steering wheel, driving to the nearby town from our house.

"Hey mom," I said, "I have the strangest feeling.."

My mom replied, "Really? What?"

"I don't know..," I said while tilting my head. It's a bad habit when I say "I don't know", you see. "I just have a feeling that something BIG is gonna happen in my final year!!"

My mom chuckled. "Nah, you're just excited to go back to uni. And it's your final year. Study hard ok?"

I just smiled and enjoyed the car ride...


Now back to the present, not only one big thing has happened, but a few! Here they are, as I recall them:


On the first day of uni, I woke up with a very very freaking terrible backache! Just bending my body a little felt like a few hammers hitting my spine all at once! >.< Moving about with such a condition was a very horrible experience.. I had to pull out from a Frisbee Competition and not take part in any sports for a good 2 to 3 weeks.

Apart from that, I had to go to classes and prepare materials for Big Event No. 2...


On the 2nd day of uni, the uni's Music Society gathered together to organize the biggest event in my uni's history! It's 10th Anniversary Celebration! And we had a fun fair to spring to life! Hooray huh? But the workload was intense!

I was assigned as the Head of Graphics for that project, and boy was it a daunting task! @@ I had no time to revise anything from class and I couldn't do much research for my academic projects.. But the good things that came out from it were that I really outperformed myself by making a humongous stage backdrop for the event, and had a team of very very surprisingly gifted and dedicated graphic designers! Thank God for letting me work with such a team!! =D

The event overall was a success and it was great to see our hard work bear fruit ^^.


Hohoho.. Lo and behold, the ultimate projects of my degree..!! I'm undergoing a lot of stress preparing materials for my big Final Year Project and Laboratory Session.. So far, there's not much going on.. And that's not cool.. Better hurry up!! >.<


As of now, I am thinking of submitting T-Shirt designs for a few clubs. The designs are in my head, and ready to be put on Photoshop. =) Only problem is.. I really can't find time to do this! D:

Just recently, I learned that the Nature Club's T-Shirts were ruined. The shirt manufacturers did not produce good T-Shirts and the printing was peeling off.. Talk about quality control there.. So, one of the committee members, who is also my classmate, asked me to submit my design since I told them I had one in mind. Well, that made me kinda happy that I could use my design, but I was more sad because the club's T-Shirts were ruined. =(

Anyhow, I had to come up with a new design for the Nature Club T-Shirt because my previous design was too complicated to work on. I have finished it, and I do wish to hear positive feedback from the committee. :) I didn't take too long on it, so I have sufficient time for my FYP.

In fact I'd like to put a Big Event No. 5, but I don't think it's appropriate to put it here. =P I guess that this year is gonna be a BIG year with more BIG events to come!!! Looking forward to it!! =D

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