October 6, 2010

Mega Project Part 2

Hello bloggers. The big project I was working on has been completed and I am looking forward to seeing it for real. And nope, it's not a poster. It's a stage backdrop. So yeah, it's huge. Sorry for the confusion in my earlier post =P.

Apart from myself, I have a group of talented graphic designers under me for the 10th Anniversary Celebration preparations. I must say, they are all very very talented and have not failed to impress me with their work - banners for that day. Thank you, Graphics Team!! I love you all! XD

For safety reasons, I will not post any pics of the banners or backdrops. =P

Cheers everyone!


Xjion89 said...

can't wait to c in fb?^^~~

ç£@Réñ©€ said...

Won't be on FB also. You come to uni on that day then you can see it. =P