July 2, 2011


I'm Taurus. I'm stubborn. That has been a trait that has had more bad outcomes than good. Last night got me thinking how stubborn I was at learning new and old things alike. Why some old teachings never seem to sink into my thick-headed brain? Why don't I have the passion to learn anything new? Past experiences have repeated over and over and I don't seem to learn my lesson..

And also while I was thinking this, it also got me thinking: Am I now merely blaming my stubbornness for all that has happened? Obviously not, but it's one of the main contributing factors, if not the only one.

Then again, stubbornness is what makes me... me. If I remove that.. I'd become someone totally different. For better or for worse?

I don't know....


Hackster said...

They are some stuff that has to be changed, some not. Bad stuff - bad habits, bad behaviours definitely has to be changed. If I'm a smoker, which makes me myself, do you not recommend me to change? Of course that will make me not myself anymore, but that will create a better myself...

What other ppl mention about not being urself anymore is some of those neutral stuff, like what you like, what you usually do, some neutral stuff.

If you had removed ur stubborness, you will still be urself, clarence. The clarence that we all know, likes robot, might still be a bit clumsy, but a much better clarence =) What makes a person is not their stupid behavior, but their positive thinking, belief, and what they like.

Anything you don't know, confused, just blog it. I'll help whenever i can~~ Be strong~ and don't stop learning~

ç£@Réñ©€ said...

Haha.. So change what is necessary.. Thanks Hack. =)

I just needed to let this frustration out of me.. I felt better after typing it.. and much better after seeing your reply. ;)