September 14, 2010


Driving - It is the ability to operate a vehicle to get a person to a certain destination. That's one amateurish way of putting it. It basically involves controlling of your accelerator, clutch, gear and brake when need be. Obviously even after learning all the basics, I haven't grasped the very basic of it all - Controlling of the pedals.

I try day after day to get used to the feel of the pedals, yet until today I have not been able to get it right. Either I hit the accelerator too hard or I release the clutch too much. Not to mention my usual clumsiness adds to the mess.

One thing is for certain though. The driving practical test is coming soon and I am really not prepared to pass the test. I am still going for it, and until then I will do my very best to get those basics right!


Xjion89 said...

i hv been driving for many years~~
it is easy..hahahaha~~

all the best! (Gosh, u made me feel old already)

btw, nice jumpsuit in the previous post, so sexy leh~~hehehe

ç£@Réñ©€ said...


leena said...

I am just four days through my driving classes .It feels so easy at present with the instructor beside and I try to make myself believe that I am a natural driver.

ç£@Réñ©€ said...

Hi Leena. Thanks for the advice =)